About Us

Kimmy Luxe Dolls  is a personal shopping service that was founded in 2018. The service includes personalized attention to those who share a love for pink, luxury fashion and feeling catered to.  Founder and CEO Brooke Hayes, created the brand name "Kimmy" with the intention to build a network of like-minded fashionistas globally. In a world where shopping and living a life of pink luxury is not the typical norm, "Kimmy" shows you that it very well can be! 

     Founder Brooke Hayes grew up in Boston Massachusetts where she currently resides with her young son. The life of an entrepreneur has been her dream since childhood. Her mother continues to tell the story of when she would find her outside at 9 years old setting up lemonade stands, painting nails, doing make-up all with a passion for business and loyal clientele.  Business is not only a passion for Brooke,  but a lifestyle. Although each product showcased in her collections are handpicked, customer service is the key to how she manages to keep the brand afloat. With fashions changing every year, new trends emerging every second. One thing Brooke has kept number one is her attention to customer care and how above all,  caring for their needs and problem resolution is what keeps her clients coming back. 

We thank you for your continuous support and being a part of the Kimmy Luxe Dolls family! 

Stay Fabulous!